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The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) is the Peak Council that represents retailers, processors, exporters and smallgoods manufacturers in the post-farm-gate meat industry.

The 2018 National Competitions
The National Sausage King, Best Butchers Burger and Apprentice Competitions took place in Healesville Victoria on February 10th. Congratulations to all the winners and place-getters. Jack Stuart from NSW won the Apprentice of the Year and the winners of all the categories in the Sausage King and Best Butchers Burger Competitions are pictured below.
Carly Hill accepting 1st in the Traditional Pork category for winner Michael Lamond (SA); John Hastie (NSW) - Traditional Australian; Barnie Nolan (QLD) - Lamb; Paul Rae (QLD) - Continental; Kory Edwards (NSW) - Gourmet; Milan Matutinovich (WA) - Best Butchers Burger; Sandro Barzotto accepting 1st in the Poultry category for winner Raff Barbaro (WA) & Shaun Watson (SA) - Best Butchers Gourmet Burger.
                                    Read more here for a complete list of winners and place-getters.

Thank you to our 2018 National Competition Industry Partners 


Vale Kevin Cottrill
Trans Pacific Partnership

Sadly, Kevin Cottrill, AMIC's former CEO passed away in  December and was laid to rest in Sydney. Click here for a tribute from CEO Patrick Hutchinson.  
The red meat industry is a winner in the new Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP 11") trade pact.

Read more in the press release
Australian Agricultural Manufacturers' Alliance (AAMA)
National Sausage King Hall of Fame

The newly-formed Australian Agricultural Manufacturers’ Alliance (AAMA), held its inaugural meeting recently and is taking on one of the industry’s most pressing challenges: energy.
Read more here
The AMIC National Sausage King Hall of Fame is awarded to those companies that consistently excel at winning a first place in the National Sausage King Competition. 

AMIC WH&S Butcher Shop Safety  Video
World on a Plate - still selling!
AMIC has produced a short video about safety in butcher shops featuring some SA members. Login to the HR/IR secure section and go to the WHS Database Index under "V" to download this excellent training tool.       
AMIC's Former National Processing Director, Stephen Martyn has written a book on the history of meat processing in Australia.
To buy a copy please see the Information Sheet and then the Order Form to place your order.

Save money on energy bills
Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS)

AMIC members  have access to cheaper electricity & gas rates in NSW, SA, VIC & SE QLD.
Make It Cheaper can compare your bills for free to see if a saving can be identified. 
Find out more
Read more on AMIC's
animal welfare here
AAWCS is an independently audited certification program used by Australian livestock processors to demonstrate compliance with industry best practice animal welfare standards. Read more 
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