We are pleased to announce the results of the election of Members to the National Smallgoods Council (NSC), as decided by ballot:


  • Peter Dimanopoulos (The British Sausage Company)
  • Will Ursell (Don Smallgoods)
  • Mark Azzopardi (Kaczanowski & Co Premium Quality Gourmet Smallgoods)
  • Alistair Stevenson (Gilly’s Smallgoods)
  • Roland Melosi (Montecatini Specialty Smallgoods)
  • Anthony Skara (Skara Smallgoods)
  • Franz Knoll (Barossa Fine Foods)
  • Greig Smith (D’Orsogna Smallgoods)

The first meeting of the National Smallgoods Council took place on Friday, 15th November.

Congratulations to new councillors on being elected.

AMIC is looking forward to working closely with respective councils on policies that support and underpin the success of the Smallgoods Industry.

If you’d like to contact your Council representative, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you.