Charcuterie News, September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of Charcuterie News as we move into the most important time of year for smallgoods members.

COVID-19 still dominates the landscape and affecting our members in Victoria disproportionally who are currently operating with a 33% reduction of production, this has been devastating and has the potential to create shortages of products – particularly Christmas hams – leading into the festive season.

AMIC is strongly lobbying the departments of Health and Agriculture to get significant capacity improvements before it impacts the marketplace too significantly.

The National Smallgoods Council (NSC) Meeting was held on the 31st August, with representatives from most of the major producers present. Our membership now has the majority of industry included, putting us in the best position to work together and on a sound financial footing. APL CEO, Margo Andrae provided a presentation which outlined the 2020-2025 APL Strategic Plan; from that it was decided to develop a policy that will outline our industry support for local pork farmers and framework for better cooperation and relationship.

A number of Smallgoods Industrial Reference Committees (SIRC) are going to be established under the subgroups:

  • SIRC 1 – QA Technical Committee
  • SIRC 2 – Industry Standards Committee
  • SIRC 3 – Communication/Response/Research Committee
  • SIRC 4 – Smallgoods Domestic Pork Program Committee
  • SIRC 5 – Employment Relations (HR/IR)

These will assist AMIC to have broader input when representing industries interests with governments and others. Food Safety Plans, a Technical Officer for the Smallgoods sector and Training were also discussed as we prepare for better control of the future of smallgoods.

African Swine Fever is still of major concern and there are continuing preparations for our response, whether it were to strike in Australia or from supplier countries, would be just as devastating as COVID-19 but has been in the shadow.

The voluntary Star Rating System is a perennial part of the industry conversation as we work on our contribution in a healthy diet and how it is represented with a process biased against us.

Let us hope for a decreasing impact of COVID-19 and enable industry to repair the negative elements as we head to the critical time of year.


Franz Knoll
NSC Chairman
Barossa Fine Foods