Monday 5 July 2021

The Tasmanian Government has announced further information about upcoming changes to Check in TAS App requirements.

Under the changes, from 7 July 2021 the requirement for a person to be at a location for at least 15 minutes before being required to use Check in TAS will be removed. Each time a person enters a relevant location they must use Check in TAS regardless of how long they stay.

From 31 July 2021 the relevant locations requiring the use of Check in TAS will be expanded.  The new premises include:

  • Food courts
  • Mobile food vans and stalls, except where the van or stall is located within a retail location or a market
  • Retail premises including shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and other similar premises. This includes retail butcher shops.
  • Shopping centres
  • Markets, fairs and other similar premises
  • Libraries
  • Schools that provide kindergarten, primary education or secondary education, with the exception of home education.

All locations will need to have their QR codes in place by 31 July. 

Workers who enter their workplace, if their workplace requires the use of Check in TAS, will only need to check in once a day.

For a full list of premises and more information, visit the TAS government website >

AMIC will continue to keep all members updated on any changes and restrictions.