Dates for each state:

Friday, April 10 Good Friday (National)

Saturday, 11 April Day following Good Friday (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC only)

Sunday, 12 April Easter Sunday (ACT, NSW, QLD & VIC only)

Monday, 13 April Easter Monday (National)

Tuesday, 14 April Easter Tuesday (TAS only)


Pay Rates (other than Sole Traders and Partnerships in Western Australia):

Good Friday – T+½ – First 4 hours DT – Thereafter  

Easter Saturday – T+½ – First 2 hours DT – Thereafter  

Easter Sunday – T+½ – First 2 hours DT – Thereafter

Easter Monday – T+½ – First 2 hours DT – Thereafter

Click Here for Sole Traders and Partnership in West Australia for Easter P/H’s


Note that an employee ALSO receives their normal pay as well as the penalty rates if it is one of their ordinary working days (casuals only receive the penalty rate and the casual loading).

For example a Full-time General Butcher on the Award rate of $22.70 per hour who works 7 ordinary hours on Easter Monday is entitled to:

  1. 7 hours ordinary pay, plus,
  2. 2 hours at time and a half, plus,
  3. 2 hours at double time.

If you are unsure about the pay rates or which days are recognised as Easter Public Holidays in your State or Territory please contact Steve Caslick on (02) 9086 2212 or [email protected] to discuss.

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