Charcuterie News, November 2020

In November 2019, the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (Forum) endorsed an ambitious plan to reform the Bi-national Food Regulation System to ensure it remains strong, robust and agile into the future. A key element underpinning the reform agenda is the review of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act).

The FSANZ Act Review will include a comprehensive examination of the effectiveness of the FSANZ Act and the associated operations and responsibilities of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

AMIC is currently reviewing the scoping paper, which outlines key issues identified with the FSANZ Act and opportunities for legislative and operational reform.

This review was flagged in the last NSC meeting, and the first phase of public consultation has commenced and AMIC will actively engage in this process on behalf of all members. AMIC envisages that this will be a significant body of work and it is anticipated to take at least 12-24 months with several staged consultation processes.

The initial scoping paper is being reviewed by the Smallgoods Industry Reference Committee 2 (SIRC 2) – Industry Standards group and the National Smallgoods Council. The intent of the FSANZ review process is to consider the economic efficiency of regulation, recognising the importance of the food industry to regional communities and the broader economies of both Australia and New Zealand.

The consultation process will involve wholesale reviews of the entire food regulation framework, starting with the food regulation agreement and flowing through to the FSANZ Act. The following provides a broad overview of the consultation process.

If you wish to provide any feedback to AMIC to the initial scoping paper for the SIRC 2 to consider, please send this through to [email protected].