Australia’s policy leadership and advisory group for Australia’s 82,500 red meat businesses, the Red Meat Advisory Council, congratulates Prime Minister Morrison and the Federal Coalition on its re-election to government.

“The Australian red meat and livestock industry applaud the Prime Minister and the Coalition.  We look forward to working with them to advise on issues – and opportunities – raised by Australia’s butchers, retailers, livestock exporters, manufacturers, and farmers during the election and their last term of government” said Don Mackay, Independent Chair of RMAC.

Mr Mackay said that after a battle in every electorate and many democracy sausages, the Prime Minister has signalled the importance of a policy agenda that is fundamental for Australia’s love of red meat.

“Australia has voted on key issues that are important to red meat businesses and given our decision makers and industry a clear mandate on key areas of: 

  • the support for the growth + continuation of the livestock export trade
  • a “hands-off” approach to regulation of deforestation + vegetation management
  • increased protection for red meat businesses security from activism through changes to the Privacy Act
  • an economic growth agenda for small, middle and large business through $2 million intergenerational farm start loans through the Regional Investment Corporation, $2 billion for the Australian Business Securitisation Fund and an instant asset write off up to $30,000.”

“The return of the Morrison-McCormack government recognises the importance of Australia’s red meat + livestock businesses that span every single electorate in this country, employ 438,000 Australians + generate $15 billion in export earnings.”

“There are many challenges from paddock to plate for our industry, including prolonged drought for farmers, rocketing energy costs and labour shortage issues for butchers and manufacturers and activism attacks on feedlots.”

“Red meat is good for human lives and for the 24 million Australians that enjoy our safe, high quality and nutritious product in our kitchens, our restaurants and BBQs.”

“We welcome Prime Minister Morrison and look forward to working with Minister Littleproud on progressing key issues, particularly the review of the Red Meat Memorandum of Understanding.”