The Butchers Advocate, September 2020

The Love Your Local Butcher campaign launched two weeks ago in the lead up to Father’s Day, and aims to raise awareness for the value of shopping at your independent local butcher. We had a fantastic response to the campaign with members sharing the images we created all over social media.

The following weekend we continued the campaign with a spring lamb theme, and again had excellent engagement from members and the public on social media. To date, we have had a total of 143 shares and a combined reach of 26,444!

We are currently running the campaign in partnership with COSBOA’s Go Local First, and they have recently released their latest toolkit which highlights the campaign posters and stickers that are now

available to order as well as new tips for getting involved and helping to promote the Go Local First message. You can download the toolkit here.

We will continue sending out images to promote Love Your Local Butcher each week throughout September and October, and some of the themes we are covering include Keeping local communities thrivingQuality, range, service, advice – we are here for you; Recipe inspiration, cooking tips and more. Please continue to share these images on your social media channels to help us get as much traction as we can.

This week we have Love quality and you can share either directly from AMIC’s Facebook page, or by clicking the image below to open, right-click and save.


Post the image on your chosen platform (we like Facebook and Instagram), with the following caption – or make up your own:

 Wagyu, tomahawk, rib-eye… your independent local butcher has the specialty cuts you are looking for.

As well as the following hashtags:

#loveyourlocalbutcher #golocalfirst

Tag and follow AMIC at:

@australian_meat_ind_council (Instagram)
@Australian Meat Industry Council – National (Facebook)

Thank you for all your support and engagement throughout this campaign. We really believe in the message that communities are built by local businesses like the independent butcher, and we hope to see awareness grow throughout the coming weeks as we continue to promote the value of shopping at your independent local butcher.


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