New facility in SA will be among world’s best

6 June 2019 – The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) is delighted by news today that a world-class, multi-million dollar meat processing facility will be developed in South Australia.

Thomas Foods International, an AMIC member and Australia’s largest 100% family-owned meat processor, has announced plans for a new facility at Murray Bridge. It will replace a facility destroyed by fire last year, and is expected to create 2000 jobs.

AMIC CEO Patrick Hutchinson offered congratulations to Thomas Foods International for making this bold investment and demonstrating its commitment to the Australian industry.

“Last year’s fire was, of course, devastating for the business and for the local community. Thomas Foods International has chosen not just to rebuild, but to step it up a notch, taking on a greenfield site and developing a world-standard facility.

“This is a reflection not only of the company’s commitment to its community but of the industry’s commitment to securing and growing Australia’s position as a world leader. Today is a good day.”

Mr Hutchinson says this shows that there is a strong appetite for growth in the sector plus plenty of market opportunity, and with the right government support the industry is on track for a great future.

“We need to get the policy settings right around energy, access to labour and regulatory burden, and the first step to achieving that is for government to really recognise the important contribution the red meat sector makes to our economy. We’re keen to work closely with governments state and federal to support our industry, and we look forward to more positive announcements for our sector like this great initiative that has been unveiled today.”

Australia’s meat sector provides 55,000 full time jobs. It is worth $22 billion annually and meat is the seventh-largest export commodity in the country.