Prime Cuts Industry News Issue 44


Two years since its inception the Advanced Livestock Measurement Technologies (ALMTech) is on track to deliver all of its scientific and industry outcomes for the Australian beef, lamb and pork industries. As such ALMTech have submitted a re-bid for funding from the Rural R&D for Profit program. The re-bid, titled “Developing and commercialising advanced measurement technologies and feedback systems into globally competitive Australian meat value chains”, proposes a three year project that will overlap the current project by one year.

In further ALMTech news, MLA have recently approved a funding model to allow MLA to manufacture a portable CT scanning system that can be used for the entire value chain objective measurement program. This CT scanning system will be able to be used for any measurement system utilised by industry. Its first assignment will be in Rockhampton allowing the calibration of the beef DEXA unit to continue.

For further information on the current and proposed programs see ALMTech’s newsletter as attached.


Free Trade Agreement Market Entry Grant 2018-19

Austrade will be holding a series of free information sessions on the Free Trade Agreement Market Entry Grant (FTA-ME) throughout November, The sessions aim to provide potential applicants with the information needed to apply for a grant under the FTA-ME. The sessions will focus on Korea (KAFTA), Japan (JAEPA), and China (ChAFTA), but also cover the new agreements with Peru (PAFTA) and TPP-11 countries.

Brisbane – 19 November

Sydney – 20 November

Canberra – 21 November

Melbourne – 22 November

Hobart – 23 November

Perth – 26 November

Adelaide – 27 November

Details of a planned webinar will be provided when available.

For further information see the Austrade website


Meat export statistics for October

The export statistics for October 2018 for the major destinations and comparing exports by month and by year for beef, lamb, mutton, goat, and pork can be found in the attached document.

There was a large jump in lamb exports during October as new season lambs started to come onto the market – made even more noticeable by the unusually low volume exported during September. The mutton trade remained very strong, reaching the largest monthly volume recorded since November 1994. The recent high export volumes reflect large mutton slaughter numbers, which will likely have impacts on future lamb and mutton breeding and availability.

Beef exports lifted in October, to reach close to 100,000 tonnes after a noticeable drop in September. Whether this level can be maintained is questionable after recent declines in MLA’s reported weekly slaughter levels.