Charcuterie News, November 2020

The Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources committed to evaluate the reforms made to Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) for Food regulations, two years after the reforms came into effect in July 2018. This evaluation is currently underway and AMIC recently submitted its response alongside other stakeholders and consumers.

The evaluation will cover the scope of the reforms and their effectiveness in meeting the intended objectives, which were:

  • improve consumer access to origin information for food
  • clarify what origin claims businesses can make
  • do this without imposing excessive costs on businesses

Changes to origin labelling arrangements for complementary medicines are also underway, in parallel with the evaluation of CoOL for Food however not part of this process.

In drafting the submission, AMIC sought views from a range of large, medium and small Australian smallgoods makers and retail butchers that both manufacture and retail food products to Australian consumers.

The evaluation will aim to conclude by June 2021 and AMIC will continue to represent members’ interests during this review process.

For more information visit the government website here.