MEDIA RELEASE Monday, 25 January 2021

AMIC would like to acknowledge the contribution made by Mr Raymond Kelso to AMIC and the meat industry in general. Ray announced his resignation from the Queensland Council, National Retail Council (NRC) and the AMIC Board on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

“On behalf of the AMIC Board, I thank Ray for his valuable contribution and dedication during his tenure,” said Gary Hardwick, AMIC Chair. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray for his many years of commitment to AMIC, its members, and most of all the Independent Local Butchers of Australia,” said Robert Constable, NRC Chair.

Ray’s contribution will be sorely missed around the AMIC representative table, as he has always had a steady, guiding hand, while always maintaining a firm grasp of what is required by the AMIC retail member. Ray first joined the Queensland Retail Council from his shop in North Queensland as the representative collectively put forward by the members in the area.

From this early introduction, he has always had the AMIC retail members in mind with every decision he has been involved in. Ray has been an integral part of the Queensland Retail Council for the entire time he has been representing the AMIC retail membership. Ray had a guiding hand through the QLD Retail Council, as the first state to introduce a meat retail-based quality assurance manual, right through to keeping the requirements of retail members top of mind. 

Ray has always looked at how AMIC can help members in an ever-changing retail meat market. Ray’s value was recognised by his peers with his elevation over time to the National Retail Council and ultimately the AMIC Board, under the guidance of three previous National Retail Chairs, before becoming the NRC Chair himself, and then nurturing the growth and succession towards the current National Retail Chair. 

Ray has always been able to remove himself from his own shop and consider both small and large retail member insights, to help guide the AMIC retail policy direction forward.

“I thank AMIC as an organisation and the current and former staff for their help and friendship over 30 years,” said Ray.

The representatives of Queensland and National Retail Councils, the AMIC CEO and Executive, and the AMIC Board, wish Ray all the best for the future, with a few cleansing ales as he now takes a well-earned rest and some time for himself and family.