The Butchers Advocate, November 2020

The AMIC-MLA Retail Task Force was a committee formed to create synergies between the two industry bodies AMIC and MLA, with the aim of aligning and partnering on campaigns and projects that will continuously improve the businesses in our industry.

One of these projects is the Helix My Window program, that uses data to understand the consumers in your area, and then inform how to best market to your customers.

Helix My Window is a powerful consumer segmentation and data integration tool that combines sophisticated psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural data and insights to classify the Australian population into six categories, and 54 unique personas.

Through this tool you can find out what types of people live in your area, their income level, their lifestyles and 

values, and what kind of food they are most likely to eat. You might find that lamb is the most commonly bought protein in your area, which then informs how you might set up your cabinet to situate lamb at the front or up-sell specific products that you know are more likely to be successful.

The Helix My Window tool also shows you how to talk to your customers and how to reach them across all media channels. For example, you might find that the consumers in your area are very tech-driven, so the most effective way to reach them would be through social media, rather than traditional print advertising.

AMIC’s MROs are already using this tool on the road to help members understand their local customers better than they ever could before. Ask your MRO for a demonstration or further information on how this resource could assist your business.