About AMIC

We are the only industry association representing the post-farmgate Australian meat industry.

We work with members, governments and industry groups to influence policy and provide technical and other services to the industry.

Our overriding goal is profitability for our members. To help our members achieve and maintain profitability, we work hard to solve our industry’s key challenges and provide a range of services that make it easier for our members to run their businesses, from finding staff to complying with legislation.

Our Role

The Australian Meat Industry Council is the voice of Australian businesses in the crucial and complex post-farmgate meat industry. Our 1500 plus members employ tens of thousands of people and are significant contributors to their local economies.

We are continually working towards a more competitive and prosperous meat and livestock supply chain that is good for members, good for industry and good for communities.

We do this by advocating for effective and strategic policy, supporting our industry on important issues and providing members with tools to build and grow their businesses so they remain competitive and profitable within the Australian and global supply chain.


Our Goals

  • Increase profitability of our members
  • To be a leading voice on industry issues
  • Grow membership and engagement
  • Increase innovation and continuous improvement
  • Develop strong relationships that benefit our members

Our Mission

To increase profitability of our members through advocacy, innovation and delivery of services.

Our Vision

A profitable and sustainable Australian post farm-gate red meat supply chain, valued by the wider community.

Our Values

We adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We work with others to achieve our goals.

We advocate respectfully on behalf of our members.

We strive for quality and continuous improvement.

Members are at the heart of what we do.