AMIC Induction Program

AMIC Induction Program

The AMIC induction program is designed to support new entrants to gain the skills and experience required to thrive in the meat industry.   The program is specifically aimed at young people, long-term unemployed or those requiring extra support in the workplace. However, the program can be adapted and utilised for any new hires.   It is intended that new hires commence employment on reduced hours, which increase each week of the program. Before moving to full-time employment.   The program will be particularly beneficial to support businesses who are utilising registered training organisations to support induction programs.  

Program Delivery  

The delivery plan will commence with the majority of hours delivered in person / the classroom and move to increased hours in the workplace over the 4 weeks of the program.  

Recommended hours: 

Week  Training (hrs)  Work experience (hrs) 
1    12  
2    18  
3    18 
4    24  


Non-Accredited Training 

A key component of the AMIC induction program is non-accredited training and work experience. This training will focus on soft skills / employability skills such as communication, time management problem solving and decision making.  The aim is to provide participants with transferable employability skills that will enable them to succeed in the meat industry and set them up for a career path.  

Accredited Training 

The program encompasses one accredited unit of competency from the AMP – Australian Meat Processing Training Package, AMPCOR206 Overview of the meat industry 

AMPCOR206 is a core unit of the AMP training package and is often the first unit to be delivered in any traineeship or apprenticeship program within the meat industry.  

This unit provides an overview of all sectors of the Australian meat industry and supply chain and also introduces important workplace policies such as: workplace health and safety and hygiene and sanitation. 

Access to the program is only available for current AMIC Members via the member portal.

If you are having trouble accessing the member portal please email your primary account email address and member number (if you have it) to [email protected].

If you are interested in becoming a member please visit our membership page.