National Councils

AMIC operates through member elected Industry Councils 

National Processor Council

The National Processor Council represents the processors and exporters of Australia. The council strives to build on the existing relationships and enhance the value of membership. Internal Reference Committees represent focused areas within the Processor membership, feeding into the National Processor Council.

National Processor Council

Terry Nolan (Chairman)
Simon Stahl (Deputy Chair)
Roger Fletcher (Member)
Peter Greenham (Member)
Gary Hardwick (Member)
Frank Herd (Member)
Noel Kelson (Member)
Simon Linke (Member)
Grant Melrose (Member)
Mark Panizza (Member)

National Smallgoods Council

The National Smallgoods Council is elected by the members of the Smallgoods Industry Group every four years. The Council represents the interests of manufacturers and retailers within the smallgoods sector, including policy and advocacy.

About the Council

The Smallgoods Industry Group represents the smallgoods and further processors of Australia.

There are no state Divisional Councils within this industry group. The National Smallgoods Industry Council is elected by the members of the Smallgoods Industry Group. All financial members are eligible to be nominated for the National Council or to participate in elections every four years.

National Smallgoods Council

Franz Knoll (Chair) SA
Greig Smith (Deputy Chair) WA
Mark Azzopardi (Member) NSW
Peter Dimanopoulos (Member) WA
Roland Melosi (Member) NSW
Emily Pullen (Member) QLD
Nick Roach (Member) VIC
Bruce Sabatta (Member) NSW
Anthony Skara (Member) SA
Alistair Stevenson (Member) QLD
Will Ursell (Member) VIC
Carmine Ventura (Member) VIC

National Retail Council

The Retail and General Industry Group represents the Independent Local Butchers of Australia. Retail Independent Local Butcher members are represented within AMIC through Divisional (State) and National Councils, which are elected from the membership every four years.

National Retail Council

Robert Constable (Chair) NSW
Trevor Hill (Deputy Chairman) SA
John Hardman (Member) VIC
Dominic Van Dyk (Member) VIC
Hayley Collicoat (Member) VIC
Marcus Vermey (Member) TAS
Peter Stocker (Member) WA
Rodney Sellers (Member) NSW
Bede Jarrett (Member) NSW
Michael James (Member) QLD
Don Cameron (Member) QLD
Dominick Melrose (Member) QLD