2019 Western Australia State Wage Decision

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission has increased the State minimum adult award rates by 2.75%.  The increase only applies to employees who are paid the minimum wage or award rates in the State industrial relations system.

Juniors and Apprentices will receive a proportionate increase.

The operative date for the increase is the First Full Pay Period to Commence on or after 1st July 2019.

Please click here to view wage sheets for reference.

These wage sheets apply only to AMIC members who are sole traders or partnerships in Western Australia. Members who are companies (e.g. Pty Ltd businesses) will apply the Federal Meat Award wages sheets, which were emailed out to all members last week.

AMIC works on behalf of its members to effect change in areas that impact their businesses including energy efficiency; food regulation; market access; animal welfare; and access to labour.

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