2019 AMIC Elections




Get involved.

Once every four years, AMIC holds Elections for its members to be elected to its Councils and through this, be eligible for the Board. 

All members are encouraged to consider a Council position, as industry bodies work best when we have the input of diverse voices – all ages, genders and cultures.

Being on a Council gives you a voice in the future of the industry, and allows you to represent the wider body of membership.

To be eligible to nominate or stand, you must have paid any outstanding membership fees (or be on an agreed payment plan) by August 13th 2019.


The timetable for the election requires that nominations for all Divisional Councils (State Retail Councils) will be called with the distribution of Nomination Forms on 20 August 2019.

Nominations will close on Tuesday, 10 September 2019.

Please note that the Fair Work Act requires the Board of AMIC to close the member register on Monday, 13 August.  To be eligible to nominate for Council or to vote in this election your Subscriptions for 2019–2020 must be either paid in full by this date, or a 4-part payment plan entered into.

If you are a Councillor who intends on re-nominating, or if you are a Member who intends nominatingyou’re your respective Council please take note of the above dates.

Members should note that, to be eligible for a National Retail Industry Council (with the exception of the National Smallgoods Council and National Processors Council) you must first be elected to a Divisional Industry Council.

Should you have any questions in regard to this election please contact Evelyn Lam on 02 9086 2215 or at [email protected].

AMIC works on behalf of its members to effect change in areas that impact their businesses including energy efficiency; food regulation; market access; animal welfare; and access to labour.

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