Access to Labour

Our members need access to labour to ensure the viability of their businesses


Put simply, our industry can’t operate at capacity without a full complement of staff. And it’s not just bad news for businesses when staff can’t be found – there’s a flow-on effect to the supply of meat to export and domestic markets as well as price implications for the consuming public.

AMIC members have expressed frustration with the current arrangements, including skills requirements under the Meat Industry Labour Agreement and changes to visa availability.  

We are advocating for changes to visa arrangements and MILA applications as well as pushing for better enticements for local workers, including:

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Migration Skilled Income

The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) to be set at same level as in labour agreements in some other industries.

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Discount Costing

Reintroduction of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold discount to reduce the cost to the Meat Industry. 

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Reviewed Requirements

Review of English literacy requirements for Skilled Migrant Visas to recognise that different roles have different needs in regards to education and training.

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Human Resources

Allowing industry businesses more control over their Human Resource hiring procedures.

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Skilled Positions

Allowing the transition of 417 visa workers into skilled worker positions within industry.

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Improved Funding

Improved funding and availability for traineeships and apprenticeships for local workers.