Market Access

More than 70% of the beef and sheep meat produced in Australia is exported, to over 100 international markets.

Free trade agreements are essential to gaining market access and there have been some good wins on this front in recent years – but FTAs are not enough to help our members maximise their market potential. Technical barriers to trade must be addressed too.

Our calculations show these barriers create the potential for loss of business in the order of more than $3 billion.

These barriers include things like detailed export plant accreditation, product shelf-life restrictions and labeling issues. AMIC is advocating for:

Increased market access

Working to expand and maintain market access to help members maximise market potential.

Reduced barriers to trade

An increased government focus and commitment to reducing the technical barriers to the international meat trade

Reduction of regulatory burden

Working to decrease regulation whilst still ensuring market access for our industry.

AMIC works on behalf of its members to effect change in areas that impact their businesses including energy efficiency; food regulation; market access; animal welfare; and access to labour.

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