The results are in!

AMIC’s showcase national retail event, the Sausage King, Best Butchers Burger and Smallgoods National Finals, were held over the weekend in Adelaide, with the winners being announced at the IKONpack National AMIC Awards Dinner on Saturday night.

With over 30 regional and state competitions held throughout 2022, along with state finals, hundreds of independent butchers have competed across Australia for the chance to be crowned national champions.

“The weekend was a fantastic celebration of the independent local butcher, and the finalists have all produced exceptional products. The butchers really know their trade and craft, and having strong community connections to their customers and a desire to make quality tasting products highlights their passion and commitment to their businesses.” Stuart Fuller, General Manager, Retail said.

Traditional Australian Beef Sausage winner, Kory Edwards of South Nowra Meats said he dreamt about winning an award like this when he became a butcher.

“I can’t believe it; you dream about these things when you become a butcher and it has come true!

“Every butcher shop in Australia has a beef snag, it is fabulous to win an award like this to say you beat every other butcher shop in Australia.

“It will be really good for our business, we’ll do really well because of this, our turnover will be massive” Mr Edwards said.

Best Butcher’s Burger winner, Andrew Loveday from Loveday’s Quality Meats from Burleigh in QLD was thrilled with the win:

“We love going into the competition, it reassures our customers that we’re doing a good job for them, it is great peace of mind.” Mr Loveday said.

When asked what the key is to making an award winning burger Mr Loveday said meat selection was key.

“Meat selection is the most important thing as well as a great recipe is what you need for an award-winning burger.

“We try extremely hard, what we dish out for the judges is what we give the customers every week, we don’t change anything for the judges. What the judges get, the customers get.“ Mr Loveday said.

AMIC’s Apprentice of the Year competition was also held over the weekend, with five state finalists completing a practical assessment, theory exam, and mystery box challenge over the two days.

“I want to thank all of the state participants and congratulate the finalists.

“Their love for the job, enthusiasm, drive, and willingness to listen and learn was wonderful to see.” Mr. Fuller said.

Laura Ross (VIC), Harry Hallam (QLD), Riley Schofield (WA), Glenn Murphy (NSW), and Edward Potter (SA) were the state finalists.

Apprentice of the Year Winner, Glenn Murphy from NSW was ecstatic with winning the prestigious award.

“I feel so good, you’ve got no idea, the encouragement that people have given me and the satisfaction I’ve gotten from proving to them all that I could do it, and that their faith in me was well placed.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, I have a plan from here to be a TAFE teacher, I’d love to be a TAFE teacher, I’d like to have an apprentice come and work with me in my shop. I think I’ve got a lot of skills I could pass on.

“Thanks to Craig Cook, the owner of my company, for his encouragement, I told him the first day I started my apprenticeship that I wanted to be NSW Apprentice of the year, I’m not sure what he thought at the time but he encouraged me every day since then.” said Mr Murphy.

AMIC General Manager, Retail, Stuart Fuller said that he was grateful for AMIC’s partners and the finalists for a great event.

“I’d like to thank all of the finalists, our platinum partners, and event partners for a fantastic weekend.

“Their support of the industry and the awards is important and greatly appreciated.said Mr. Fuller.

Category Results

Australian Lamb / Open Class Sausage

1.     Crimea Quality Meats (WA)

2.     Coopers Butchers (SA)

3.     Flora Hill Quality Meats (VIC)


Poultry Sausage

1.     Gympie Meathall (QLD)

2.     Nigel’s Gourmet (TAS)

3.     Chop Butchery Nepean Village (NSW)


Traditional Australian Beef Sausage

1.     South Nowra Meats (NSW)

2.     The Corner Butcher (WA)

3.     Marsh Butchery (QLD)


Traditional Australian Pork Sausage

1.     Barossa Fine Foods (SA)

2.     Crimea Quality Meats (WA)

3.     Ranford’s Family Butchers (VIC)


Continental Sausage

1.     Arnold Family Butchers (VIC)

2.     Rollbusch Quality Meats (SA)

3.     Nigel’s Gourmet (TAS)


Gourmet / Open Class Sausage

1.     Lucas Brothers Butchers (VIC)

2.     Swallow Drive Meat Supply (SA)

3.     The Corner Butcher (WA)


Best Butchers Beef Burger

1.     Loveday’s Quality Meats (QLD)

2.     Rainbow Meats Chirnside Park (VIC)

3.     Swansea St Family Butcher (WA)


Best Butchers Gourmet / Open Class Burger

1.     Mickey D’S Gourmet Meats and Deli (VIC)

2.     South Nowra Meats (NSW)

3.     Noranda Meats (WA)


Bacon Rasher

1.     Arnold Family Butchers (VIC)

2.     Tendawrap Butchers (SA)

3.     Perry’s Quality Meats (TAS)


Boneless Leg Ham

1.     Bayside Meats and Deli (NSW)

2.     Country Style Meats (VIC)

3.     Rollbusch Quality Meats (SA)


Leg Ham on the Bone

1.     Balhannah Butchery (SA)

2.     Loveday’s Quality Meats (QLD)

3.     Farmgate to Plate (NSW)


Apprentice of the Year
Winner: Glenn Murphy (NSW)
Runner Up: Riley Schofield (WA)