The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) is proud to announce the establishment of the Migrant Worker Code of Conduct, a pioneering initiative created by AMIC that underscores the red meat industry’s commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of migrant workers.

The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Migrant Workers is an independently audited certification program used by livestock processors and other employers in the red meat sector to demonstrate compliance with industry best practice and regulations relating to migrant workers. The program was developed by AMIC and the Australian Meat Processing Corporation (AMPC) and is independently audited by AUS-MEAT.

By becoming signatories, members signal their dedication to upholding the highest standards of workplace fairness and ethical treatment of all employees, particularly those from migrant backgrounds.

AMIC CEO, Patrick Hutchinson, highlighted the leadership of the industry in developing this code and the benefits of becoming a signatory.

“AMIC is extremely proud to launch the Migrant Worker Code of Conduct. It is a credit to our workforce services team to have developed and now launched the code so we can highlight how important migrant workers are to the meat industry.

“This code is a testament to our industry’s resolve to lead by example, maintain our social license and do what is right. We’re not just committed to excellence in providing world-leading red meat products but also in how we support and value our workforce. The Migrant Worker Code of Conduct is a clear reflection of this ethos.

“Certification under the code not only assures regulatory bodies and customers of a business’s commitment to best practices but also enhances their company’s reputation by demonstrating leadership in social responsibility.” said Mr Hutchinson.

Tom Maguire, AMIC Chair, added, “Adopting the Migrant Worker Code of Conduct elevates not just the operational standards of individual businesses but also the global reputation of our entire industry. It’s about doing right by our people and setting a benchmark for others to follow.”

Businesses across the red meat processing sector are encouraged to lodge an expression of interest via the Code’s page on the AMIC website. The code is open to all industry players.