MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 3 June 2021 On 1 June 2021, the Australian Meat Industry Council “AMIC” issued a media statement regarding potential impact on the domestic supply of red meat and pork products, as a result of the JBS USA  organised cybersecurity attack, which affected some of the services supporting its North American and Australian IT systems. AMIC continues to support JBS Australia’s position that this is a commercial matter and is being handled by JBS operations globally and in Australia. As the peak industry association, our intelligence reveals no major impacts on domestic and export supply from Australia. “I reiterate that the Australian meat industry has a very flexible supply chain and it is practiced at working together to manage these types of issues,” said Patrick Hutchinson, CEO AMIC. “At this stage, interventions in the domestic and export supply chain have been enacted and supply is continuing as normal.” “The strength and flexibility of the red meat and pork products supply chain has been demonstrated in the past. In areas such as market access issues and COVID-19 impacts. That is why we are world-renowned as the most reliable meat supply chain globally.” AMIC continues to monitor the situation closely. ENDS Media contact Catharine Heffernan, General Manager – Communications