The Butchers Advocate 19 November 2021

Nestled along the pristine East coast of Australia in the Newcastle suburb of New Lambton, lies Adam’s Family Meats. It is one of three local butcheries, providing friendly service and high-quality products to the local community.

Owner, Adam Grogan, has built a business with a booming online presence, offering delivery to over 100 suburbs across Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens regions.

From humble beginnings with family roots, Adam’s Family Meats has increasingly grown over the past 10 years while still providing a personable and individualised experience for all customers.

“I have over 10 years’ experience, previously working for Ray Delaforce and Murrays Meats. Being a butcher is my passion!”

Adam’s Family Meats has undergone a range of renovations and upgrades to modernise the shop front and keep up with consumer trends. This helps to keep the store competitive and offer customers a wider range of choice.

“We still have more changes planned, its important to keep up to date with what customers want. We are planning to grow our gluten free range and fresh ready to bake options.”

They are renowned for making their own ham, bacon, and cabanossi, which regularly sell out and have won multiple awards. Another point of difference that Adam’s Family Meats offers is a vast range of gluten free range options to cater to modern diets.

“We are endorsed by Coeliac Australia for our gluten free products, this is really important to us and helps to cater to a larger customer base.”

The stores loyal customer base can be credited to the friendly and personable service that Adam and his staff offer all customers, helping to keep business booming. They also cater to range of clubs with raffle trays and offer home delivery.

“Customers are everything, you have to put them at the center of all you do.”

Adam’s Family Meats offers a range of value-added products which include, rissoles, schnitzels, wellingtons, cordon bleu, pesto, and sweet chilli burgers. They also provide free delivery to orders over $50, share recipe ideas on their website and email subscribers’ tips, tricks, and exclusive deals.

Adam has a loyal team of resolute staff which include his son who is the delivery driver and his daughter in law who runs the social media presence of the business. In addition, there are five other butchers/apprentices that work for Adam.

“We really have a wonderful team; they work hard and have a lot of passion.”

The store has won multiple awards over the year, including the Local Business Award in 2017 and the Outstanding Butcher award in 2019.

They also placed second in the 2013 NSW AMIC Sausage King/Best Butchers Burger/Smallgoods Awards for their double smoked bacon rasher and placed as a finalist in the 2020 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

Adam’s Family Butchers is active in the local community, sponsoring three local soccer clubs, one rugby league team, one golf club and three local schools.

“Our community do a lot for us; it is important to give back and be involved.”

Adam is a forward thinker, always considering his next move, learning new techniques, and staying up to date with modern butchery and food trends to ensure the business continues to stay current and successful.

The businesses motto is ‘never give up, believe in yourself and your business,’ a mantra that Adam wholeheartedly believes and embodies every day.

When asked what advice you would give to someone considering working in the meat industry, Adam said: “Listen to your peers and keep learning, it’s the only way to become and maintain a successful business.”

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