Butchers Advocate, 22 January 2021

Bryn’s and Georgia’s butcher shop, Donnybrook Butchers, is a family run business on the main street of a small rural town located two hours Southwest of Perth.

They operate as the only butcher and smallgoods provider in Donnybrook which is home to over 2,800 people.

Bryn and Georgia purchased the shop a year ago at the age of 20 after having worked in the store for seven years previously.

Bryn started as a clean up kid after school hours and gradually worked towards becoming an apprentice. His work ethic and passion for the business paired with a dedicated mentor provided the framework for enabling his apprenticeship to be completed in only two and a half years.

“There was just us two at the shop most of the time, so I had a lot of one-on-one learning which I think really helped me learn so many different skills in such a short amount of time.”

Bryn believes Donnybrook Butchers point of difference is the consistency of high-quality meat they deliver to the local community and loyal customers that travel specifically to shop with them. The engagement with the local community through sponsoring the local cricket and golf club also helps to maintain a devoted customer base and connect to more people.

“We have a great relationship with some local farmers which means I can source great lamb directly from the farm. We have a large smoker which means we can smoke our own smallgoods which are very popular.”

The passionate and enthusiastic team, all aged 23 and under, help to further make Donnybrook Butchers a unique business. Bryn and Georgia have doubled trade over the past year and are looking into further extensions to grow the capacity of the business in the future. The introduction of the house-smoked goods has contributed to making this small town butcher so popular. Bryn also has a great relationship with fishermen at Busselton and Seafood suppliers in Perth, who provide a variety of fresh seafood for the shop.

“I hope to see our business continue to get busier and grow and to keep creating new products for our customers to enjoy. The success of the house-smoked smallgoods has been rewarding and is the best thing we’ve introduced.”

When asked for advice on success for someone considering working in this industry, Bryn said “as long as you have passion and work hard you will succeed.”

Visit their website www.donnybrookbutchers.com.au