Established almost 90 years ago, Everett Butchers opened in 1932 as Everett Bros by three
brothers, Les, Jack and Keith in Boulder. Over 80 years later the shop is owned by the next generation
of butchers, Steve and Gavin, who have over 40 years’ experience in gourmet butcher shops.

Today, they have 3 generations working in the store, Steve the owner, his son who works as a
part time butcher, another son who manages the retail/wholesale division and a granddaughter
who works as a dish kid in the back of shop. 

It is a welcoming place for the busy consumer, the online shopper and in its wholesale division
supporting local restaurants, pubs, mining camps and sporting clubs. They specialise in cooking
full pigs for functions and sell unique South African and New Zealand products to ex-pats around
the world. But that’s not the only way they are unique in their business, as two doors down from
the shop is “Everett’s Pets Plus” store, where pets are well catered for, using up all the off-cuts
from the butcher shop to create a range of dry and wet dog and cat food along with accessories
and treats.

Steve says their number one core value is “Deliver wow through customer service” and “City
Choice – Country Service”, which means that nothing is too much trouble for their customers and
they don’t waste anything.

One of the best business decisions Steve has ever made was to hire a business coach, who
he meets with every two weeks to work through systems and processes to guide the business, as
well as a sounding board, mentor and an impartial view and opinion on all matters.

When asked if he could share some advice with his fellow butchers, Steve said it would be; “this
industry is hard work – but it’s also rewarding. Be honest and stand by your word, schedule
regular holiday breaks with your family and employ a Business Coach from day one”. A problem
shared is a problem halved.

Check out Everett Butcher’s website here, or call them on 08 9021 6434.