Butchers Advocate, 19 February 2021

Nestled in the small town of Burnie on Tasmania’s North-West coast, lies the renowned Sharman’s Butchery.

Over the past five decades, the family run business has continued to build their reputable brand, that is not only recognised locally but across the entire state.

Owners, Brock and Clint, took over the business 14 years ago from Clint’s father after completing their apprenticeships and training at the store. They now lead a large team of 20 employees that includes two chefs and four apprentices.

They endeavored to build upon the foundation which had been previously established as a butcher that provides high quality customer service and locally sourced produce.

Brock believes that “the large product range and high-quality local produce which is sourced directly from our family farm” is a distinguishable service that Sharman’s Butchery offers.

“Our pre-prepared meals, roast of the day and in house manufactured smallgoods are also really popular and examples of the variety of products we carry.”

An emphasis is placed on sourcing free range, pasture fed and hormone free lamb and beef as both Brock and Clint are passionate about animal welfare and sustainability. They also proudly source Tasmanian livestock and produce for their store.

“Our motto at Sharman’s is there is no substitute for quality, we always strive to deliver the best,” said Brock.

As the location of the shop has remain unchanged for 56 years, the loyal customer base, familiarity in the local community and highway frontage helps to drive business.

Sharman’s Butchery have won AMIC’s Best Butchers Burger competition as well as state and national recognition for their popular ham, bacon and smallgoods range.

Both Brock and Clint enjoy being active in the local community through sponsorship and partnerships with local sports clubs and various events. They also are frequently featured in the local paper, all of which help to promote their business.

When asked where they envisioned Sharman’s Butchery in the future Brock said, “Continuing to grow and develop new products and always provide quality service to our customers, they are the reason we do what we do.”

Watch their story here: www.sharmansbutchery.com.au/pages/about-us