AMIC is excited to work with and the Queensland Government and Response Group to deliver our Queensland workforce retention program. The program will address attraction, retention, and participation issues in the Queensland post-farm workforce by providing employers with practical integrated solutions that can be easily implemented into enterprise operations. Employers will also have the opportunity to access a face-to-face retention advisory service that will assess their individual workforce needs.

Simple and clear resources that outline how interventions can be adopted across industry enterprises will then be developed for use by employers, including processors, smallgoods manufacturers and retail butchers.

The program will embed new cultural change practice frameworks to improve attraction, development and retention practices and further position the post-farmgate sector as an attractive industry of choice for employment.

The Queensland’s meat industry contributes an estimated 20b to the Australian economy each year. Recruiting and retaining a sustainable and skilled workforce is fundamental to the viability of our industry.

We thank the Queensland Government for this exciting opportunity that we estimate will support approximately 2250 new hires and 9000 existing workers throughout the Queensland meat supply chain.